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The Fargo TV series based on the Coen brothers’ classic film, starring Martin Freeman, is set to come out some time this year, and we’re finally getting the first look at his character, as well as a couple others.

Ever since Martin Freeman joined the adaption (we’ll explain later) of Fargo, a great film from the Coen brothers, arguably the greatest filmmakers around today, we’ve been waiting to see just what Freeman would look like. That time has come, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

The original film Fargo was set in Brainerd, MN and was set around a character named Jerry Lundegaard who, in an attempt to get money from his father-in-law, hires criminals to kidnap his wife. From there everything else goes wrong.

The new TV series won’t be an exact adaptation of that, but it will keep the same tone of the story. The Jerry Lundegaard character’s name will be changed to Lester Nygaard, and that will be the character that Martin Freeman portrays. The cast also includes Bob Odenkirk, Colin Hanks, Billy Bob Thornton, Glenn Howerton, Kate Walsh and Oliver Platt.

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    I saw the extras casting call for Fargo today. I could have possibly seen Martin Freeman. Regrets, I have a few.
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